Inland Marine

Preferred Aviation Underwriters are specialists in the very niche area of Inland Marine risk management solutions. Our flexible, customizable underwriting and policy services are a key component in the day-to-day lives of importers, exporters, commodity traders, logistics companies, and aircraft owners and operators and will ensure that any goods in transit are adequately protected. Replacement cost or ACV forms are available.

Preferred Aviation Underwriters offers inland marine underwriting and insurance policies for:

  • Equipment in the open
  • Tugs
  • Mobile equipment
  • Transportation floaters
  • Builders’ risk
  • Contractors’ equipment
  • Camera equipment

We can help you provide comprehensive protection for your clients who have assets that are moveable or mobile, or are in transit or storage. We offer our expertise in underwriting and insurance policies to help you offer customized solutions that allow you to serve your clients’ every need.

If you’d like to learn more about how Preferred Aviation Underwriters can help your business achieve more, why not get in touch with us and we’ll tell you exactly what we can offer you.