Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure

Construction: Items such as square foot of the structure, when was structure built, construction materials, how many stories, any updates to the structure and most importantly.... the structure address.
Occupancy: What is the structure used for?
Protection: Sprinklers, alarms, protection class, etc.
Exposure: Catastrophe exposure, uncontrollable hazards

Yes. We are rapidly growing and want to be able to process your requests timely and effectively. A policy number will help us ensure we are making changes to the correct policy.

Check our website first We have a page dedicated to Preferred Aviation and a page dedicated to our Specialty Lines Department. If you are unable to find what you are looking for email your underwriter or give us a call.

We need to be sure the coverage is still adequate for your insured! In addition, this allows us to make note of any changes, add/or remove coverages and ensure the file is in compliance.

Our niche is aviation, specifically aviation related property and casualty. We can provide coverage for almost anything ON or AROUND an airport or flight school (aviation manufacturer, FBO, etc.) except the actual airplanes.

In addition, we can assist with Aviation Management and Professional Liability coverages.

Yes, but it is easy to do. Just email us to get started!