Whether from an external job or an internal one, your clients need to protect their business, their data and their property, particularly in a high risk exposure industry such as aviation. From petty crime to gross employee dishonesty and from internal or external attacks on property, Preferred Aviation Underwriters makes sure you, and your clients, are covered.

Preferred Aviation Underwriters offers crime underwriting and insurance policies to protect against:

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Internal theft or robbery
  • External theft or robbery
  • Depositors forgery

Preferred Aviation Underwriters can provide stand alone Fidelity Bonds which are available through alternate AIG markets.

Let us help you protect your clients’ assets from theft, unscrupulous behavior or fraudulent activity. Our in-depth underwriting and insurance policy experience allows us to offer you personalized solutions that meet your clients’ specific needs.

If you’d like to offer a more rounded crime insurance offering to your clients, contact Preferred Aviation Underwriters today and we’ll help you get started.