Businesses in all industries are subject to environmental risk and liability, however in the aviation industry this can be a particularly contentious issue. Your clients need an innovative and flexible pollution insurance program in order to be able to best manage their exposures.

We help your clients deal with sudden and gradual pollution conditions, including coverage for on-site cleanups. Our offering is modeled after a standard commercial GL contract that offers broad environmental insurance coverage.

Preferred Aviation Underwriters environmental underwriting and insurance policies cover:

  • Site liability
  • Non-owned disposal sites
  • Contracting operations
  • Transportation exposures
  • Pollution liability

Our environmental insurance underwriting and policies have been created with your client in mind. They allow you to offer your clients the wide range of coverage they need to adequately protect their aviation business from the continuously changing environmental landscape.

We’ll help you protect your clients and protect the environment. Environmental insurance is a must for anyone operating within the aviation industry. Talk to us today to find out how we can help.