Foreign Coverage

October 19th, 2016

By Chris Carter, CIC

Do you have a customer that has foreign operations, sends employees oversees or is just thinking about expanding their business internationally?  How do you cover this risk and do they have coverage under their current policies?  Most of the time, they don’t have coverage that will extend internationally but adding a Foreign Policy could pick up the coverages needed and protect your customer.

An employee plugs in an electric appliance and falls asleep after a long international flight.  The difference in electrical current causes a fire and damages the hotel room.  While displaying at an International Trade Show, the trade show backdrop falls on a local person and is injured.  The person brings suit locally against the US Company.  Both these examples could be covered under a Foreign Commercial Package Policy.

A Foreign Commercial Package Policy can offer many different coverages and can be customized to meet your customers needs.  Here are just a few of the coverages offered:

∙  Foreign Commercial General Liability                     ∙  Foreign Automobile Liability

∙  Foreign Voluntary Compensation                            ∙  Travel Accident & Sickness

∙  Kidnap & Ransom                                                   ∙  Commercial Property

∙  Marine Ocean Cargo                                                ∙  Commercial Crime

Premium and Coverage will vary depending on the Class of Business, Type of Travel, Territories of Travel, Number of Trips and other exposures.  Certain Countries/Territories are excluded.  An easy application can be found: or contact Chris or Erica at Preferred.